John Mayer Wants to Start a Sleep App Where He Just Talks about Watches

I’ve mentioned John Mayer and his weekly Instagram show, Current Mood, a couple times already: once to recommend you watch it, and once to talk about John’s and Andy Cohen’s matching platinum Rolexes. On the February 24 post-Oscars edition of Current Mood on IGTV, John made brief mention of his true love, watches, again.

John Mayer wearing his Patek Phillipe 5370 Split Seconds Chronograph

John Mayer wearing his Patek Phillipe 5370 Split Seconds Chronograph

john mayer watch patek

Here’s the setup: He had Tamara Levitt, the common voice of the meditation app Calm, visit the show as a guest. Towards the end of the segment, John mentioned that maybe he could voice an app that helps people get to sleep: he’d just talk about watches. He went on to start talking about the watch he was wearing that night: “The venerable Patek Phillipe 5370 Split Seconds Chronograph,” describing its black lacquer dial and Breguet numerals before cutting the bit short. I was probably the only of the 10,000 or so people watching the IGTV stream that wanted John to keep talking about the $250,000 Patek Phillipe watch adorning his wrist.

John: This sounds like a great app idea. Please do it. Like you, I fall asleep listening to Tamara’s voice on the Calm app, but I’d much rather fall asleep to your voice. Me and a few 15 year-old-girls that still think “Your Body is a Wonderland” is a banger.