Recommended: John Mayer's 'Current Mood' on IGTV

Instagram TV is a new medium, full of hope and promise, but mostly drab “influencer”-focused content. But, it’s a potentially unique live way for individuals to directly connect with followers. Most importantly, anyone can use it. No longer does one need to have a TV show, studio set, and hundreds of hours of pre- and post-production, marketing costs, etc. sunk into a show just to get it off the ground.

Noted watch lover John Mayer may be the first person truly testing the potential of IGTV. For the past few weeks, he’s streamed a new “show”, Current Mood with John Mayer live to his nearly 4 million subscribers on Sunday night. It started as a small operation, but it’s clear he’s taking it seriously (as much as he jokes about the stuffed animal backdrop that constitutes a set). While he didn’t have a planned guest the first week, Mayer’s friend Andy Cohen called into the show. The second week brought Charlie Puth (and a fun performance with Mayer on bass and Puth playing keyboard, riffing off each other for almost 10 minutes). Current Mood with John Mayer has seen appearances by entertainers Bob Saget, Thundercat, and Cazzie David since, all of whom have brought unique talents and fun segments to the show.

Of course, this has prompted us to doing a more comprehensive write up of Mayer’s watch collection — so look out for that soon — but in the meantime, follow John on Instagram to catch up with past episodes of Current Mood. As a preview, Mayer has already sported a couple Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks, and a gold Rolex Daytona in the first few weeks of the show. One week he wasn’t even wearing a watch though!