John Mayer's and Andy Cohen's Matching Rolexes

I’ve written about John Mayer’s Instagram TV “show”, Current Mood before. It’s a fun show with some A-list guests, and for watch lovers, it’s a way to see Mayer’s prolific watch collection, one watch at a time. He’s done maybe 15 episodes now and I’ve yet to see the same watch.

Andy Cohen platinum Rolex

A couple weeks ago, Mayer had his friend Andy Cohen on the show. As he came onto the screen, Cohen and Mayer decided to show off their matching watches. Cohen mentioned that Mayer had helped “guide him” through buying a luxury watch, a role that Mayer surely plays often for his famous friends. The two were tasteful enough not to drop that it was a platinum Rolex, but the watches were pretty easy to identify. First is the flashy, immediately recognizable Rolex Presidential bracelet that Rolex puts on their platinum watches. The Presidential bracelet, defined by its semi-circular three-piece links, is reserved for Rolex Day-Date watches and only manufactured in 18k gold or platinum.

More noticeable than the Presidential bracelet though was the ice-blue dial, a color Rolex reserves for its platinum watches. It looks like the guys are wearing the platinum Day-Date 40, a watch listed with “price on request” on The watch, Reference 228206, can be found on Chrono24 between $40,000 and $60,000. There’s also a gem-set version and a 36mm diameter version. Rolex also offers a variety of Cosmograph Daytonas and Yachtmasters in platinum, in addition to the variety of platinum Day-Dates.

The Ref. 228206 worn by Cohen and Mayer features Rolex’s Calibre 3255, an automatic superlative chronometer certified movement with 70 hour power reserve. If the Day-Date is the consummate dress watch, the platinum version is an exemplary version of this watch, with the Crown executing the iconic model in the most precious of metals.

Andy can also be seen sporting his platinum Rollie in some of his Instagram photos:

Andy Cohen with Carol Burnett, and his platinum rolex | @bravoandy

Andy Cohen with Carol Burnett, and his platinum rolex | @bravoandy

The platinum Day-Date is an iconic Rolex model, but hardly the most expensive watch in Mayer’s collection that he can be seen wearing on his show — he can be seen sporting a number of Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks, Rolex Daytonas and a Rolex GMT Masters. For Cohen, it looks like the platinum Rolex is his daily wearer. Damn.