Rescapement is an online publication dedicated to You


RESCAPEMENT covers watches and what’s next. It’s driven by two passions: mechanical watches and technology. Lucky for us, wearable technology is the next wave of personal computing, so this site is dedicated to the intersection of these two passions. Our singular goal is making you, the consumer, a more informed enthusiast, purchaser, and collector. Not brands, press releases, trade shows, or selling watches from our shop. We’re dedicated to fostering a community of enthusiasts, sharing knowledge and a passion for these mechanical wonders. A watch community shouldn’t be exclusive or inaccessible. It need only be passionate.

While we’re a publication with national (and international) focus, we work to actively foster a community of watch collectors, enthusiasts and savants in our home of Chicago. If you’d like to get involved in our meetups subscribe to our newsletter, or just contact us (website form, Instagram DM, or email). We’re always down to meet fellow watch lovers. We’re not pretentious or exclusive, we just love watches.

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