Charlie Puth Is a Rolex Fan

I recently found a fun video of Charlie Puth visiting his alma mater, Berklee College of Music, and doing an interview with one of his former professors. If you ever watch a video of Charlie, it becomes immediately clear that he’s extremely talented: he plays multiple instruments, croons with soaring vocals, and has an innovative way of melding various sounds and styles together.

But, it also seems he’s got a taste for watches too. The video zooms in on Charlie’s hands working the keyboard a few times, and watch lovers will immediately recognize what he’s wearing:

Charlie Puth’s Rolex Daytona

Charlie Puth’s Rolex Daytona

It’s the black dial, black subdial, black bezel Rolex Daytona, Reference 116500. The Ref. 116500 was released in 2016, replacing Ref. 116520. Much like its predecessor, the Ref. 116500 Daytona has a stainless steel, 40mm case and Rolex’s caliber 4130 movement. Upon its release at Baselworld that year, it was immediately the hottest watch in the world, with enthusiasts banging on the doors of their local authorized dealer hoping to cop one. Well, most people didn’t get one, or sat on waitlists for a year for the very privilege of paying Rolex some $20,000 for the newest, hottest Daytona.

Since that Rolex Daytona came out in 2016, Charlie Puth has really blown up, and it seems he’s gotten a watch to celebrate that success. It’s a great (if typical) first watch choice for a rising member of the rich and famous, and it’ll be interesting to see how Charlie’s watch tastes evolve over the years.

Oh by the way, it seems that Charlie is pretty good friends with fellow Berklee alum John Mayer, so I wouldn’t be surprised if John had a little something to do with Charlie’s purchase.

Charlie Puth Watches

Although I see him bare-wristed much of the time, when he is wearing a watch, it seems the Daytona is his watch of choice; I also found this Instagram post from him, in which he can be seen wearing the same Daytona:

Charlie Puth Watch Rolex

Congrats on the success, and the beautiful watch, Charlie!