Watch Auctions: Calendar for the Second Half of 2019

watch auction 2019

Lately, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a real lack of watch auction coverage around the internet. When I wrote my preview of Christie’s spring 2019 auction, there wasn’t much else out there covering the offerings at Christies, or the competing spring auctions from the other large auction houses, namely Sotheby’s and Phillips (I even tried to cover Antiquorum’s auction in our weekly newsletter because it seemed like no one else was). Sure, the sale of Andy Warhol’s Rolex garnered some headlines, but that’s little more than clickbait.

Say what you want about watch auctions, but they still bring some much-needed transparency to the market, help identify and define trends, and help advance scholarship, especially on rare and unique watches. And on a selfish level, learning about watches up for auction forces me to take the time to understand these new pieces and argue why one is worth highlighting in an article over another.

So, I’ll be making a concerted effort over the rest of the year to cover all the watch auctions I have time for. The first step in this is gathering up all the auctions from the various houses to make sure they’re on my radar for the second half of 2019. So they’re on your radar too, here are the upcoming watch auctions from the major houses. I’ll update this list as the houses make official their fall auctions.


June 11-25: Christie’s Watches Online: Time to Travel

June 13-20: Sotheby’s Jewels and Watches Online

June 19: Bonhams Fine Wristwatches (London)

June 24: Bonhams Travelling in Time, A Private Collection of Modern and Vintage Wristwatches (Hong Kong)

June 25: Bonhams Vintage American Wristwatches (Hong Kong)

June 27: Bonhams Classic Vintage Wristwatches (Hong Kong)

June 27: Fortuna Auction “June Exchange” (NYC)


July 2: Sotheby’s George Daniels Auction (London)

July 3: Sotheby’s Treasures (London)

July 5 (begins): Heritage Auctions Summer Auction Online

July 8-17: Sotheby’s Watches Online

July 9 (ends): Fortuna ‘No Reserve’ Watches (online and NYC)

July 16: Antiquorum Important Modern and Vintage Timepieces (Monaco)

July 18: Artcurial Fine Watches Auction (Monte-Carlo)

July 20: Watches of Knightsbridge Auction (London)

July 30-August 13: Christie’s Watches Online


September 10: Bonhams Watches and Wristwatches (London)


October 16: Bonhams: The Art of Time (New York)

October 22: Heritage Auctions Signature Auction (New York)

October 27: Antiquorum Important Modern and Vintage Timepieces (Hong Kong)


November 16: Watches of Knightsbridge Auction (London)

November 19: Bonham Watches and Wristwatches (London)

November 23: Bonham Hong Kong Watches 3.0


December 11: Bonham Watches and Wristwatches (London)