NOMOS Watch Club: An Interview with a Nomos Product Designer


This is our first partnership post, from our friends over at NOMOS Watch Club. We’re always looking for fun and interesting partnerships, so if you’re interested, please reach out.

Our friend Christopher over at NOMOS Watch Club recently paid a visit to Berlinerblau, the Berlin-based in-house design and marketing firm of Nomos Glashutte. Berlinerblau is home to about 40 Nomos employees, all of whom are singularly focused on created the “Nomos look”, perhaps the finest modern execution of the Bauhaus aesthetic, in watches or elsewhere.

Christopher sat down for an interview with Nomos product designer Thomas Höhnel, who provided some insights on the watch design process, working at Nomos, and the future of the Glashutte watchmaker.

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The Best Everyday Watches in 2019

One Watch

It’s that time of year. Far and away, our most popular article of 2018 was The Best Everyday Watches of 2018. Turns out a lot of people are searching for the best everyday watch, the best go-anywhere-do-anything (GADA) watch, or the watch to make the perfect one-watch collection (yes, you can have a one-watch collection. That’s a hill I’ll die on).

With the 2019 trade shows (meh as they were) in the rearview mirror, it’s time to update the list for 2019. In 2018, I looked at the best watches that you could still buy new. For 2019, we’re changing the rules. I’m going to look at the best vintage, pre-owned, and new everyday watches out there.

A reminder: there are no real requirements for an everyday watch besides general durability and comfort. We’re talking about watches that can be dressed up or dressed down. Watches that look as good with a suit as they do alongside a t-shirt and jeans. Lume and water resistance are nice, but not necessary. An everyday wearer can come on a bracelet or strap, as long as it sits comfortably on the wrist. And while we’re willing to pay good money for a watch we’re going to be wearing every day, we can’t spend so much that we feel we have to baby it through every door jamb.

First, up, the best everyday watches you can buy new. I’ve broken them down into three categories: (1) the Under $2,000 Club, (2) the Microbrands, and (3) the Classics.

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The Best Everyday Watches from Baselworld 2019

One Watch

And just as quickly as the blog boys descended upon Baselworld a week ago, they were gone. Now all were left with are a few great watches, a bunch of press releases, and a few more names on the local Rolex AD’s waitlist. Admittedly, it’s difficult to tell when all we have are a few photos and a spec sheet, but these are the watches I’m most excited to see in the metal. These are our 10 favorite everyday watches from Baselworld 2019.

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