Recommended: Eric Wind on Blamo! Podcast

Blamo! Podcast is one of my favorite weekly listens. Every episode, host Jeremy Kirkland (a fashion industry veteran in his own right) interviews a different guest about fashion, their careers, and the future. This week’s guest is vintage watch expert Eric Wind, founder of Wind Vintage.

Eric got his start writing for Hodinkee in the early years, before moving on to Christie’s. Finally, he started Wind Vintage a couple years ago. He makes a living buying and selling vintage watches, as well as seeking out vintage watches for clients. If you watch a few episodes of Hodinkee’s Talking Watches, you’ll probably hear a name drop of Eric Wind or Wind Vintage.

A Chat with Eric Wind, Vintage Watch Expert

The episode is a real learning experience: Wind talks about how to see if the lume on a vintage watch is legit and explains why he carries a UV light everywhere he goes. Wind also talks about where you can still find good deals in the vintage world (vintage Longines, anyone?). Take a look at the watches on Wind Vintage’s site as well. Sure, he makes a name finding six-figure Paul Newmans and Pateks, but Wind has a little something for everyone on his site.

On an unrelated note, Eric Wind’s career is a testament to the power of the internet. He’s long been based in West Palm Beach, Florida — hardly the watch capital of the world — but has made a name for himself as a purveyor of fine vintage watches.

Find the Episode on Blamo’s website, or wherever you get your podcasts. Oh, Wind is also a pretty good Instagram follow.