Previewing Spotify on the Apple Watch

Spotify is currently testing an Apple Watch app that’s expected to debut soon. The Verge has already begun working with a beta version of it to look at what’s in store for Spotify’s new Apple Watch app. It’s an app with basic functionality no, and has no offline support for playing Spotify songs on the Apple Watch away from your iPhone, nor does it allow users to stream songs to an Apple Watch over LTE. These would seem to be some of the most important features, as it would allows Apple Watch owners to leave their phones at home while they go for a run or to the gym, streaming music through the Watch instead.

But, The Verge does report that Spotify’s app is an improvement over the Apple Watch’s current “Now Playing” screen, including easier audio adjustments and the ability to “favorite songs.”

The Apple Watch app is another push by Spotify to improve the user experience from smart watches - we recently reported on Spotify’s release of a new Android Wear OS app which has many of the same features of the Apple Watch app currently in testing.

For more, head to The Verge. Additionally, a Reddit thread has caught on, providing discussion and links for users to sign up for the beta version: find it here.

Screenshots of Spotify’s Apple Watch, currently being tested.

Screenshots of Spotify’s Apple Watch, currently being tested.