Louis Vuitton to Release New Smartwatch in 2019


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Louis Vuitton has provided more details about the 2019 iteration of its Tamour Horizon smartwatch. Most notably, it will be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip. We’ve seen this chip in a few other smartwatches, notably the Montblanc Summit 2 and Fossil Sport. The watch will run Android WearOS.

The new Snapdragon chip gives Android watches new low-power modes, sports watch-focused tweaks and improved always-on watch faces. It does this via a secondary low-power processor (the QC1110), which handles most of the work when the smartwatch isn’t in use.

Louis Vuitton's new smartwatch will retain the circular shape of previous models, with a choice of two colorways. The Pure White model features a white polished ceramic 43mm case that measures in at 12.6mm thick. Other design features include a polished steel crown and a black sapphire glass caseback that will of course don the iconic LV logo. Then there’s the “upgrade” version that packs 34 diamonds into the watch, because why not.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon 2019

The watch comes with a 1.3 inch round AMOLED touchscreen and improved resolution over the previous model. There’s also a 24-hour ring, with day/night indicators across the rim that are visible in ambient mode.

In ambient mode the watch displays time and info such as step count, while using less power than if it was fully active. If everything is switch on, theTambours Horizon’s battery will keep going for 24 hours. This climbs up to 5 days if you’re just using it to display the time.

As far as other specs, the watch has an accelerometer and features water resistance up to 30 meters. But it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or built-in GPS.  

Availability and pricing of the 2019 variant has not been announced yet, but the first Tamour Horizon retails for $2,490. For comparison, the Montblanc Summit 2 starts at $1,000.