Apple Just Released Its Own Sleep Tracker

Apple Beddit 3.5

Since Apple acquired Finnish company Beddit in 2017, there’s been endless speculation as to what they’d do with the acquired technology. We finally have our answer. Apple just released the Beddit 3.5 Sleep Monitor, a thin sensor that you can place under your bed sheet to track sleep behavior. It’s listed for $150 on Apple’s website, and also available in stores.

The main benefit over other existing sleep tracker is that it’s not a wearable device. And, you don’t have to remember to turn on tracking every night. I remember when I first got my Apple Watch I was really invested in tracking my sleep with other apps like Pillow, Sleep++, and others. But, I got tired of it after about a week, and even me, the consummate watch lover, couldn’t stand wearing a watch to bed.

The 2mm-thin sleep tracker can measure sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity. You can still connect it to your Apple Watch, which can display sleep report notifications, bedtime reminders, and nudges when synced. Your sleep analysis and heart rate data is also accessible through the Health app on iOS 12 or later.

Apple has deftly position its Apple Watch as a health device (our analysis), and in culture that increasingly recognizes all aspects of health as affecting overall well-being, it’s a smart move to sell an integrated add-on that tracks sleeping. Especially when dedicate Apple Watch users need to charge their watches every night.

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