All the Apple Watch Black Friday 2018 Deals

With the new Apple Watch Series 4 on the market and receiving praise from all corners of the internet, Back Friday (November 23) may be the perfect time to pick up a new Apple Watch on the cheap. This is where we’ll keep a running tab of the deals for the Apple Watch, as it’s likely to be on the Christmas lists of children and adults everywhere this year. And with “Black Friday” running almost the entire month of November at this point, there will be plenty of options to pick one up for a nice discount. First, these are the MSRPs of the most recent models on Apple’s website, so this is what Black Friday deals will be trying to beat:

Series 4 40mm, $399 ($499 with cellular)

Series 4 44mm, $429 ($529 with cellular

Series 3 38mm, $279 ($379 with cellular)

Series 3 42mm, $309 ($409 with cellular)

Right now, there are a lot of deals from retailers trying to offload the previous Series 3, but stay tuned for deals on the new Series 4!


Apple Watch Series 3 38mm, $199 ($299 with cellular)

Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm, $229

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm, $259

Best Buy seems to sell the Apple Watch with cellular for a monthly subscription, making the price comparison for these models different.


Apple Watch Series 3 38mm, $199

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm, $259


Apple Watch Series 3 38mm (with extra band), $259

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm (with extra band), $289