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Vintage Grand Seiko: A Brief History


Why should you care about Grand Seiko? I’ll give you two pretty good reasons: first, its modern watches remain some of the most affordable options out there while still being beloved by watch enthusiasts; second, vintage Grand Seiko remains one of the last undervalued brands in vintage watches (in the West at least), as the vintage watch boom has meant skyrocketing prices for almost all Swiss brands.

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Reminder: Don't Get Caught Up in the Baselworld 2019 Hype


The blog boys are already going crazy. Baselworld 2019 hasn’t even officially kicked off yet, but a visit to Watchville will tell you that it must be that time of year. With article after article of regurgitated press releases singing praises of a watch that the writer has put his hands on even less than he’s put his hands on the finer sex, it’s high season for kissing ass.

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